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ekphrasis the illusion of the natural sign professor - ekphrasis the illusion of the natural sign professor murray krieger on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers since he published his wonderful 1967 essay on ekphrasis or the literary depiction of visual art, the gazer s spirit poems speaking to silent works of art - this magnificent book is a gallery of words and images that celebrates the sister arts of poetry and painting john hollander the eminent poet and critic has selected more than fifty works of art paintings prints drawings photographs and sculptures from antiquity to the present and matched them to poems that address the same images in, the blind leading the blind wikipedia - the blind leading the blind blind or the parable of the blind dutch de parabel der blinden is a painting by the netherlandish renaissance artist pieter bruegel the elder completed in 1568, parabola dei ciechi wikipedia - il tono austero dell opera viene enfatizzato dall uso di colori spenti e freddi la tavolozza di bruegel comprende infatti il grigio il verde il nero il marrone e il rosso, antrim house seminar room - edwina trentham s stumbling into the light 1 consider titles of the book of its three sections and of individual poems such as the way the dark opens out into light falling and stone